Woman Crush Wednesday: The Woman That Lost Herself

To all the little girls who never felt like they were Princesses and to all the Queens that sometimes lose their crowns.

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Woman Crush Wednesday: The Feminist Feline

me as cat

Hey there!

My name is Corinne Falotico and I blog at The Feminist Feline. With The Feminist Feline I blog about the news, pop culture, and politics from a feminist perspective. To set my blog apart from the many other feminist blogs out there, all of my posts contain an adorable cat video, picture or meme that is semi-relevant to the post to lighten up the discussion.

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Woman Crush Everyday(Wednesday): Yes it’s Thursday but we love MICHELLE!

See Outfit Details-FALL LAYERS

Michelle is easily one of the most prominent up and coming fashion bloggers currently out. Her style is effortlessly flawless and she has a gorgeous personality to match. I was recently given the opportunity to interview her for my “Woman Crush Wednesday” series and I must admit she did not disappoint.

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Woman Crush Wednesday:The Most Popular Girls in School

It’s 12pm and my friend randomly posts a video to her Facebook wall with the caption “You’re welcome”. With nothing else to do I click the video. For rest of the day I become completely consumed. The video and my downward spiral of a fleeting social existence become a reality. I become hooked on a Youtube show but not just any show…”The Most Popular Girls in School”.

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