What’s the deal with cheating anyways?

My brother called me at 3am when I was in college once and asked me “Do you know when a guy is playing games with you?” Games as in cheating on me. See my brother (both my brothers if we’re being honest) was a womanizer. He always had multiple girls to the point where I thought that it was normal. It was normal to be with multiple people and the concept of cheating was accepted in society.

Even Amber Rose states in her book that all men cheat and if a man really loves you won’t find out he’s cheating on you. He’ll conceal it because he doesn’t want to hurt you. In essence cheating comes naturally…and not just for men.

According to YouGov 1 in 5 Americans cheat and it is due to their genetic makeup.This mean that this isn’t a male epidemic (even though the patriarchy allows them a little more wiggle room with it).  In fact a fifth of the men and women apart of this study admitted to cheating on their partner. Including emotional and physical cheating.(Today.YouGov) Yes, women cheat too and for a million and one reasons.

One of my favorite pieces from Huffington Post’s Divorce section discusses this very topic. They asked women to state what made them stray during their marriage. One person stated that they were no longer told “I love you” while another stated that their husband wasn’t involved emotionally in the marriage. (HuffPost Divorce)

Honestly, I think most people I know have been unfaithful. Whether it was emotionally or physically almost everyone has sought comfort from another person.

It is easy to fall prey to cheating culture. But monogamy also isn’t for everyone. Relationships can be tough especially after the spark has left or someone else is trying to get your attention. People become vulnerable. Not to mention social media preys on that vulnerability. It’s easy to get online and find someone to favorite all of your tweets or flirt with you on Facebook. Telling the world you’re their “favorite person”. When in reality they’re not there for you the way that your partner is. These men and women are a dime a dozen. Everyone knows this.

So how come as a society we almost always fall victim?

It could very well be that people aren’t meant to be monogamous in mind, body, and spirit. I just think we are. We’re just continuously choosing to be monogamous with the wrong person or we’re afraid to get hurt. So instead of getting hurt we choose to hurt instead. That doesn’t justify the cheating epidemic because we have the willpower to choose not to be with someone until we’re ready. It just makes it a little more understandable when you think about all the reasons someone might cheat. 


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